IKO Enerfoil prominent in the market place


IKO Enerfoil Building

Project and Product Profile

Project – Fountain Court, Calgary, AB

Architect – Norr Architects, Calgary, AB

IKO Enerfoil is a rigid polyisocyanurate insulation board which provides the highest thermal value of any rigid/semi-rigid insulation panel in the market. Polyiso is very similar in nature to current spray applied foams in the market, with the biggest difference being, rigid polyiso boards are manufactured in IKO’s state of the art highly controlled environment, eliminating any jobsite variables that could affect spray foams.

IKO Enerfoil is a wall sheathing specific version of the very popular roofing insulation. What separates this material for wall applications is the use of the highly reflective foil facer. The foil facer is non-organic in nature allowing it to be used in a “water shedding” wall system vs. our standard roofing polyiso which can carry an organic facer because of a roof’s “waterproofing ability”. As well, the foil facer provides a nominal amount of radiant barrier qualities.

As the need for higher efficient wall designs become more popular, so does the marketability of the polyiso as a wall insulation. Meeting most code requirements for non-combustible construction, polyiso is a great way to dramatically increase your wall R-value without increasing the total thickness of the wall system. The overall cost of R-value per inch achieved with polyiso is very competitive to other rigid/semi rigid insulation panels available.

A recent upgrade to IKO’s polyiso manufacturing facilities in High River, AB and Brampton, ON allows for 4×8 rigid insulation panels to be factory cut in entirety and repackaged in upgraded packaging before ever leaving the facilities.  This cutting can accommodate either metric or imperial sizing to accommodate both Z-girt / cross girt style or brick tie wall systems allowing for much quicker application and eliminating on-the-job cutting.

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