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Manitoba Hydro Homeowner Power Smart Insulation Rebate

Get the right rebates to improve your home’s efficiency. If your home was built before 1999 it may not have enough insulation. Add insulation to your home to help save energy and improve the comfort of your home. Manitoba Hydro offers rebates to help you insulate your attic, walls, and foundation. Insulation must be new,… Read More

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BC Hydro Power Smart Homeowner Insulation Rebate

Get the right rebates to improve your home’s efficiency. Home renovation rebates are available from BC Hydro when you improve your home’s energy efficiency. The amount available for each rebate is determined by where the insulation was installed by a licensed contractor, the total area (in square feet) of the new insulation added, and how… Read More

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Exterior Home Renovation House with IKO Cambridge shingles

Renovation for Curb Appeal

Performance Shingles by IKO® Colour Swatches Try IKO RoofViewer™ and see how a Dynasty roof can enhance your home! See our full IKO Dynasty® article for more information. Vinyl Siding by Royal® Building Products Dark Premium Try Royal® HomePlay™ and see what vinyl siding can do for your home! See our full Royal® Estate™ article for product… Read More

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Single-Ply Roofing Systems at Roofmart

We Have Flat Roofing Systems! Roofmart is your source of Rubbergard™ EPDM and UltraPly™ TPO in Canada. With 49 stores across the country, getting product when, where, and how you need it is fast and easy. We are fully equipped to deliver orders to your jobsite and to the roof-top. Need Rubbergard™ EPDM or UltraPly™ TPO… Read More

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Longboard Siding Home Design

Modern Home Design

Trends in Home Design. Home design is being influenced by environmental challenges, changes in lifestyle and the re-purposing of urban spaces. The desire to have a sustainable/energy efficient home is becoming more mainstream as modern designs have become more appealing. The home is fast becoming a central hub of activity and the incorporation of the outdoors… Read More

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