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Get the right rebates to improve your home’s efficiency.

If your home was built before 1999 it may not have enough insulation. Add insulation to your home to help save energy and improve the comfort of your home. Manitoba Hydro offers rebates to help you insulate your attic, walls, and foundation. Insulation must be new, purchased in Canada, and have a verifiable R-value as determined by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre.

To qualify for a Power Smart Home Insulation Program rebate, insulation must meet the following Power Smart levels:

Upgrade Your Attic Insulation:

  • Existing Insulation = R30 or less
  • Final Insulation = R50
  • A minimum of 100 sq. ft. must be insulated.

Upgrade Your Interior Foundation Wall Insulation:

  • Natural Gas Homes = Must be uninsulated
  • Electricity, Propane, Fuel Oil, or Wood Homes = R12 or less
  • Final Insulation = R24*
  • A minimum of 100 sq. ft. must be insulated.

*Insulation added above total final R-value of R24 will not be rebated.

Upgrade Your Exterior Wall Insulation when re-siding:

  • Added R-Value = Minimum of R3.75
  • Maximum R-Value = R10
  • A minimum of 100 sq. ft. must be insulated.

Rebate Offers:

Rebates are based on existing heating sources, SQ. FT. of area to improve & existing R-Value.
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Applicable IKO Products:

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1Interior wall conditions including the following should consider using alternate insulations to Enerfoil: polyol sheets (used frequently in homes built since the mid 1970’s), vinyl wall paper, oil based paint. For professional guidance, the services of a Building Consultant firm should be considered.

Roofmart assumes no responsibility for errors in this literature. Manitoba Hydro and it’s Power Smart rebate programs are not associated with Roofmart or it’s affiliates. All rebates are done through Manitoba Hydro.

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