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Trends in Home Design.

Home design is being influenced by environmental challenges, changes in lifestyle and the re-purposing of urban spaces. The desire to have a sustainable/energy efficient home is becoming more mainstream as modern designs have become more appealing. The home is fast becoming a central hub of activity and the incorporation of the outdoors into the overall home design creates more space by blurring and in some cases erasing the gap between inside and outside.

Inside and outside have become one

What used to be a very defined line, or wall, is now blurred. Living spaces now blend into the outdoors without worrying about a solid distinction.

Lifestyles have become more informal and the need to de-stress and relax is permeating both residential and office spaces. Formal living rooms, dining rooms and meeting rooms are disappearing and are being replaced with open concept spaces.

Smaller spaces, better design

As urban centers increase in population density, families are getting creative when living in small spaces. This has influenced the creation of homes that are small in scale but are innovative and stylish.

Softening Modern Severity

While modern design is appealing and popular, nobody wants their home to look like a medical clinic or a lab. Adding natural building elements helps soften the modern look while also giving the overall design a more personalized look as many contemporary designs tend to look cookie-cutter.

Basic Installation

Acknowledging that good help is hard to find many products for residential use are now easier to install with most of the needed technical information easily accessible online. Low maintenance, high quality products typically found on commercial projects or high end custom homes can now be applied to a broader range of homes.

Sustainability is King

Saving time and reducing the numbers of to-do’s on your list is the number one challenge for most families. No one wants to clean gutters, paint the fence, replace the roof, repair the siding. More homeowners are thinking about long term solutions, life time roofing, no-maintenance siding, vinyl fencing to name a few. Longboard® has the warm look of wood without the maintenance, it’s highly durable extruded aluminum siding with a wood grain finish.

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