Velux® Sun Tunnel™ Skylights


Velux Sun Tunnels: Easy installation with no structural changes to the house.

Light up the darkest spaces

Many houses have bathrooms, hallways and other rooms where daylight only enters when you open the door. Dim and dark, these rooms are unwelcoming places until you turn on the light.

Those days are over.

VELUX® SUN TUNNEL™ skylights bring natural light into even the darkest and most isolated spaces through a specially designed tunnel that passes from roof to ceiling. The attractive ceiling diffuser blends unnoticed into the ceiling, spreading a soft and restful light throughout the room.

Rigid and Flexible VELUX® Sun Tunnels

Rigid Velux Sun Tunnel

A highly reflective rigid tunnel provides the brightest light.

Product features:

Rigid tunnels provide the best light output. It is quick and easy to install!

  • Flexi Loc™ tunnel systems for easy and speedy tunnel assembly- can drop assembled tunnel from top in seconds!
  • Brighter reflected daylight
  • Installed in as little as 3 hours
  • No structural changes to the house
Flexible Velux Sun Tunnel

Flexible tunnel makes installation easy when there are large obstacles

Product features:

Flexible tunnels are recommended when installation around large obstacles such as HVAC, plumbing, multiple trusses etc.

  • Excellent for ease of installation around large obstacles
  • Easily bends around attic obstructions


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