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Working at Heights Roofmart Ontario.

The Roofmart training division was created in June 2015. The Ministry of Labour created new legislation for Working at Heights in construction. We recognized immediately that this would affect our entire customer base and began the development of the Roofmart Training and Safety department.

Initially there was only one instructor, but due to the need for expanded internal training and testing, additional “on-demand” instructors were taken on. There are currently 3 instructors travelling the province teaching with plans to bring 2 to 3 more on board. To date, we have trained dozens of our own rooftop assistants as well as hundreds of our customers and had a direct hand in keeping them safe and compliant with the MOL.

Meet our Instructors

Tim Charles

Head Instructor

Background: Tim has spent 17 years as a Volunteer Firefighter. IRATA rope access tech, High angle rescue tech, Emergency First Responder, First Aid/CPR instructor, Firefighter survival Instructor and 0-8 ton crane instructor, only to name a few.

Dan Baxter

WAH Instructor

Background: Dan is a 17 year veteran of The Toronto Fire Services and a former member of The Canadian Ski Patrol, certified in Swift Water Rescue, High Angle Rescue and Trench Rescue with The Toronto Fire Services.

Mark Nielsen

WAH Instructor

Background: Mark is the lead rigger for the Toronto Raptors. He is an ASME rigging instructor and attend the Advanced Rescues Techniques School of Canada.


Our instructors bring an exceptional amount of experience with them and are completely dedicated to teaching and keeping our customers safe.

The deadline for all workers to be certified is looming. As of April 1 2017, all workers must be trained before working at heights. We expect to be busier than ever to keep our customers working and are working on additional plans to grow our training department.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Tim Charles at 289-257-1429

For more information go to the Ontario Ministry of Labour’s Working at Heights Training page.

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