Contractor Services

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Delivery Services

Reliable and professional

Time is money. It’s critical to keep your projects moving, which is why we provide dependable delivery service to make sure you have your material on site when you need it.At Roofmart & Roof Centre, we make this service our top priority.

We have teams and systems in place to ensure that when your product reaches its destination, it’s accurate, on schedule, and handled with care.

We have grown our fleet to 200+ vehicles, on the road ready to service your project. Wherever your project is, we are there to deliver, coast to coast.

Whether you require boom or crane service to get material to the roof, or require ground drop service, we have the equipment to get the job done and the professional drivers to do it safely. Also, take advantage of our pre-loaded rooftop service, as it has helped thousands of customers save on time.

For more information about our delivery services connect with your sales representative or local branch.

Financial Services

In the effort to support your business, Roofmart and Roof Centre offers convenient financial services, extending you credit to purchase the materials. Our sales & credit team are here to help you ensure the financial success & security of your business.

Submit a credit application and we will kick start the process.

We offer our customers easy & seamless Electronic Payment Methods through Online Banking(Payee) or EFT(Bank to bank transfer).

Contact your local branch for an application form or more information.

Metal Shop Services

Professional metal fabrication

We specialize in custom sheet metal work for commercial and residential industries partners.

Not all projects are created equal. For this reason, we produce high volumes of standard flashings and custom flashings for all job sizes or types. Our highly trained professional craftsmen use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure precision products. We used high quality stainless steels, coloured and anodized aluminums, pre-painted steels, and galvanized materials to meet all project requirements.

All you need to start is a drawing and contact your local branch*.


*Metal shop services vary between locations

Tapered Services

Tapered insulation estimating department

Roofmart and Roof Centre recognizes how complex it is to install a tapered roof insulation system to help eliminate ponding water and aid in the thermal value of any roof system. Our in-house tapered insulation estimators will support you through the entire process for both new construction and replacement roofs.

Our team provides full-service taper and cricket designs to contractors that use IKOTherm 25 psi panels in 1%, 2%, and 4% options. Furthermore, they will help you assess each job’s unique challenges to produce a complete and accurate layout.

Our packages includes a laminated layout key that is delivered to site with the package.

We have 3 ways to provide this service:

  • Site measure (by location)
  • PDF plans provided
  • Drawing from the roofer

Contact your local branch for more information on our tapered services.