Benefits of The Web Portal

Benefits of The Web Portal
Benefits of The Web Portal

Benefits of The Web Portal

In keeping up with technology trends in our industry, we launched a customer web portal back in 2017.

Roofmart Connect allows access from anywhere to your Roofmart account. Customers can keep organized by placing pickup orders in advance and request a multitude of deliveries for each project.

See below for features and benefits:

  • Work on your own schedule. Submit orders and view your invoices anytime!
  • Become more efficient. See product availability and have more visibility on your account.
  • Access at your fingertips. Available on multiple platforms, desktop, tablet and smart mobile devices!
  • View open orders. Gain visibility to orders open on your account.
  • Accounting features. Access your invoices, statement and send remittances easily!
  • See pricing. See your pricing on thousands of products.
  • Controlled access. Control the online access for each user, the way you control your business.

Do you have an account and are interested in online access? Talk to your local sales representative!