Roofmart’s new website is officially here


Roofmart Logo on Cambridge Shingles

Welcome to our Future.

Roofmart is proud to reveal the new For the first time you will have full access to our complete product lines and information, right at your fingertips. Finding the products that are right for you is convenient and easy. Our new website helps you get ready for your next project with our unique catalog features that include product details, literature and related products. Our goal is to provide as much information as possible to enhance the user experience like never before through product information, our extensive catalog, media and newsletters. Everything you need in one place. Let’s get started!

We’re here to help

From residential to commercial products, Roofmart has what you need for your next building envelope project. Our capable sales staff is here to help throughout your project’s process as well as checking in with you to ensure your satisfaction after completion.

Questions? Head over to our FAQ or Contact Us page for further inquiries. Also, don’t forget to click the following links to browse the new catalog and to check out our full list of trusted brands.

Roofmart News

We invite you to keep up to date on industry news including Roofmart’s products, events and services by subscribing to our newsletter or by going to our News page. You can find sign-up forms on the Home and Branch pages.

Coming Soon will be introducing many new features and we look forward to providing a more personal experience to our customers. Subscribers will have unprecedented insight into what is to come and what we offer so be sure to sign up!


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