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IKO Roof-Fast

IKO Roof-Fast Low Slope System

Low-slope roofs present special challenges in terms of preventing unique types of damage. IKO Roof-Fast low-slope roofing components are engineered and manufactured to meet those particular challenges. What exactly is a “low-slope” roof? Most local building codes consider a roof to be low-slope when its pitch ranges from 4/12 and below, down to and including… Read More

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IKO Stormtite

IKO Stormtite Synthetic Underlayment

Replaces 15-lb roofing felt! IKO Stormtite® synthetic underlayment is engineered to be used under asphalt shingles. And it has qualified as an IKO’s PRO4 Roofing Component. It is a cost-effective alternative to traditional #15 asphalt saturated felt, and is covered by a limited 15-year material warranty¹. Resources: Installation Instructions for Stormtite Stormtite Safety Data Sheet Stormtite… Read More

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Cold Weather Thermometer in Snow

Must-Know Tips From IKO For Installing Shingles In Cold Weather

Can You Replace A Roof In The Winter? Experts say the best time to construct a roof is when weather is “warm, calm, and dry.” That is, in warm temperatures, with little wind and clear skies. In a perfect world, that would be every day. But in most provinces, these ideal conditions are few and… Read More

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